A Remedy That Can Eliminate Hemorrhoids in 24 Hours!

By 21 November 2016


This remedy stunned even experienced medical professionals and doctors! It can eliminate hemorrhoids which are a very unpleasant condition that in some cases can be very painful.

This issue happens due to swelling or inflammation of the blood vessels around the anus or lower rectum and sometimes this issue can cause severe pain that can interrupt walking.

This issue can happen due to many factors that can increase the risk like sedentary job or lifestyle, lack of exercise and movement, poor diet and lack of fiber.

The symptoms may vary from patient to patient but they all include tingling, bleeding, sharp pain and sometimes stinging. There are some methods and remedies for treating this situation but the best one would be using natural ingredients in order to fight this uncomfortable issue.

This mixture includes cloves of garlic and coconut oil or olive oil. Chop the garlic and mix it with the oil of your choosing. Store this mixture in a glass jar and freeze it. After this you can apply it topically on the afflicted area. I should soothe the symptoms and the pain.

Here are some other homemade and natural remedies for hemorrhoids:

  • Witch hazel is an astringent and healing tree that can be topically applies with a cotton pad and makes one of the oldest hemorrhoid remedies.
  • Aloe vera can soothe hemorrhoids and help in the condition. Apply it topically.
  • Coconut oil can be applies directly on the hemorrhoids and can provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that should make the hemorrhoid disappear.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a miracle liquid that can be used to treat many issues as well as hemorrhoids. Take a cotton pad and soak it in apple cider vinegar. Apply it on the afflicted area and secure it. Leave it to sit for a little bit or overnight and repeat the process until the hemorrhoid disappears.

Extra Tips:

  • Wear cotton underwear.
  • Take cold baths or include cold compresses as a treatment.
  • Consume food that is rich in fiber.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Exercise, especially that area with squats.

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