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By 22 November 2016

Menstrual cramps can be very painful, especially during the first and the second day of the period. Almost all women are aware of this. Not all women have difficult periods accompanied with pain. However, some women experience a lot of pain during these days. No matter whether you have painful or easy periods, you must know what you should or should not do during these days.

Having unprotected intercourse:

You have probably already heard that is not safe to have unprotected sex during these days. You can easily get pregnant during the menstruation days. Moreover, the chances of getting an infection are very high as well.

Therefore, it is not sanitary to have unprotected sexual intercourse during your period.

Don’t skip meals:

You should not skip a meal during the period since you lose a lot of blood during these days. You should always eat your meals in time during the period in order to provide your body with enough energy.

Avoid physical work:

If you experience some of the most common pains during your period, such as stomach and back pain, try to stay away from physical work. The pain will get worse and you will feel exhausted.

Eating fast food:

Eating fast food such as greasy fries and a Whopper late at night may seem harmless, but your stomach will suffer, especially during these days. You can eat normally during the period, but you must avoid unhealthy foods and overeating. Instead, consume healthy foods, like fruits and veggies.


Even though it is impossible, women should be allowed to have a day off during their period, at least one day.

Staying up late:

It may be difficult to fall asleep due to the cramps, but going to bed early during these days is extremely beneficial and relaxing.

Additional important tips:

  •  Avoid ice water during your period as it may cause menstrual blood to remain on the uterine wall. After years, this may cause cysts and even cancer.
  •  Don’t drink soda water.
  •  Avoid cucumbers as they may also cause menstrual blood and other liquids to remain on the uterine wall.

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