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By 20 December 2016

Refresh and tighten your skin like never before!

SUPER MASK! AFTER HER SKIN AS POLLY BABY Home peeling mask — just 2 ingredient.

1. The magnificent podtjagivajushhego effect is not inferior to the Salon procedures, you can achieve instant mask of 1 teaspoon starch and pulp of one banana. Mix ingredients, apply on face and decollete area for 20-25 minutes. Wait to get dryer, mask and rinse.

2. Refreshes and tones the face, tightens skin mask from the juice of one lemon, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon of white clay. The same products mix, and 20 minutes on your face. Version with clay seems even more attractive when you consider that clay has not only lifting, but also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions. Redness and minor skin defects easily eliminated.

3. For the preparation of the third mask, which will help to get rid of traces of fatigue, take 1 egg white (he well tightens the skin, tightens pores), 1 teaspoon of baby TALC and lemon juice and add a few drops of menthol oils.

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