By 19 January 2018

The most easiest and beneficial exercise for every muscle is none other than the push-up. Doing regular push-ups regularly keeps every muscle warmed up for the task and boost your energy. Due to human nature one could get bore doing usual push-ups regularly so here we are with some exciting versions of push-ups which will not only makes your training sessions interesting but are very result oriented as they help different muscles of the body to get engage and stay in shape.

It does not matter whether you are a noob or a pro the only thing which is confirm is that you will love the variety of push-ups you can do after today. These push-ups are totally listed down after consulting with some of the best trainer present in different quarters of the world which assures the guarantee of results and will increase your fitness. It depends on the body and the choice of the one to choose any of the following style just keeping in mind that the basic steps remains the same and the basic objective is to achieve fitness and shape up the muscles. So just read it as quick as possible to get to know about different style of push-ups which you never knew before today:


Before attempting this push-up make sure you are very much aware of the basic technique of push-up. So instead of doing push-up on the surface you can have two variation in this type of push-up which are either you can stand against a wall putting both hands on the wall and do the regular push-up but vertically or you can stand up side down, keeping both your legs on the wall and head on the surface and then doing the basic steps. This type of push-up will increase your endurance and fitness level.


It’s a bit similar to the wall push-up but the main difference is you have to attempt it with a table that’s why it’s called the table push-up. In this type your body will in contact with the table and you have to keep both your hands on the corner of the table and push yourself against it. You can observe heavy breathing during it but exercise is all about acquiring fitness.


You can have two foam roller for this type of roller coaster which lets you to choose between two options. One is to keep both your toes on the foam roller and do the basic push-up but maintaining the balance and not letting the rollers to slip. The other version is to place these foam roller under your hands and then do the push-ups. It will keep your body in the air and all the burden will be shared by the shoulders and the legs.


To keep your shoulders warm you can try the t push-ups. It is more recommended to the ones who possess strengths in their shoulder. One have to place one hand on the ground and keep the other hand upward. You will be open chested toward right making a T-shape with your body. Now putting all the weight on the one hand and gradually going forth and back with your hands and you are done. This will not only warm your shoulder but also increase the strength of your shoulders.

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