By 1 February 2018

Being a fitness geek and hit the gym hard to fulfill your New Year resolution or to acquire fitness is a very good thing. You start to feel fresh, energetic and healthy when you start doing work out. You stay positive for longer period of time as not only your endurance level gets high but you feel positive change in your attitude as well. But the fact is it is very tough and difficult to stay motivated to keep working out for longer period and as a result one stop his work out sessions after few months or in some cases after few weeks. Once you leave the work out sessions for a weak there are various changes one could observe in his body and also in his mind. Some of the common and major changes which happens to your body when you stop doing workouts are stated below to have an idea and indicate whether leaving the work out session after starting them is good your fitness or the consequences of leaving the work out sessions are not bearable to achieve fitness.


According to different nutrition’s and trainers one could lose the flexibility and mobility present in the muscle once he leave the work out session for even once a weak. It happens due to our body becomes habitual of bearing different stretches and stress which makes them stronger but if you stop the work out session the flexibility which they have achieved due to work out session tends to vanish gradually and you start feeling a bit kind of stiffness in your muscles.


It is very simple that if you are working out regularly than you are gaining muscles and mass and when you stop workouts you start to loose muscle. You would easily feel soft and a bit squishy muscle with in a span of one or two work out less weeks. The fat which was transformed into muscles started to become soft and squishy due to not doing regular work outs and as a result one faces the muscle loss.


Doing regular work out with high motivation not only keeps you fit, healthy and ever ready but it also impact your mindset as you start feeling confident and energetic most of the time so when you stop the workout session all such confidence which had acquired due to the positivity of work out sessions tends to fade away and you can feel less positivity around yourself because of no work out sessions.

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