By 5 February 2018

Everyone loves to stay energetic and feel fresh for the whole day but the fact is, it is very difficult to maintain a peak energy level for the whole day. One can feel tiredness after performing some small random task like climbing three floors makes you feel tired and you start breathing heavily, the first word which comes in one’s mind is stamina. Stamina possess vital role in our life as it helps us to do our routine task easily and stay active and fresh for longer period of time. Stamina is not only associated with physical fitness and endurance level but it is also co related with the mental fitness of a person. Mental fitness increases your endurance level and keeps you motivated to focus on your task and physical fitness helps you to achieve and complete those tasks. Due to various reasons it is observed that now people are having low stamina level which is the reason they are found low on energy and gets tired very soon. They stay perplexed what’s happening to them as unintentionally they are destroying their stamina. So after a research and consultation from the expert we have listed down the most common reasons and things which are destroying your stamina, give it a read and found out yours:


The most common and the major reason of ruined and destroyed stamina is the poor diet. Most of us don’t care much about our food and diet. The truth is we don’t give ourselves enough time and care. We love to eat junk food which causes us to reduce our stamina as such type of food does not helps us to increase our stamina at all. So if someone is taking junk food on regular basis and does not much care about his diet will soon be facing the issues of reduced stamina.one should use fresh fruit and their juices as these are the natural ingredient which boost our stamina and keeps us healthy and fit.


Less session of work out or no work out at all is undoubtedly the best possible reason due to which our stamina is destroyed and we are not able to stay active for longer period of time. One needs to consult his trainer and visit the gym regularly to stay and fit and increase his stamina level so that he could give his best in different manners of his life. Running is the best thing to do if someone is looking to increase his stamina. No running at all whatsoever and constantly relying on digital gadgets has drastically decreased the stamina of the people. We over rely on technology and don’t do simple task in which we can physically participate. One should take out regular time for running or even walking would help the cause.


Excess drinking of alcohol not only effect your health but it has major impacts on your stamina too. Alcohol consumption is not recommended to anyone but high consumption of alcohol leads towards different issues and ruined stamina is surely one of them. Try to control the consumption of alcohol if you cannot stop drinking alcohol. Less drinking will gradually increase your stamina and endurance level and you will feel yourself energetic for longer period of time in a day.


Sugar in high quantity effect your stamina. Even if you are taking juices keep the amount of sugar as less as possible. If you think excess amount of sugar is good for your health than let us clear this myth for you that no, it’s not. It is seriously harmful for not only stamina but for your health too. Try to avoid artificial sweeteners too as they contain different chemicals which directly have an effect and plays a key role in decreasing the stamina.

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