By 7 February 2018

Everyone agrees on the fact that eggs are very beneficial for our body and our health. The thing which perplexed many people and let them start a debate is which one is better brown eggs or white eggs? So if you are also one of them and looking for some logical answers with facts than you are at right place just go through this article and you will not only understand which one is better but will be quite sorted in your mind that which egg’s side you would take next time in a debate to win it.
People have their preference depending on the color of the egg. Few believes that brown eggs are more healthy for them as they are more natural while some believes that white eggs are more beneficial due to their cleanliness or better taste. To find out what’s the real difference between both these eggs and which egg has upper hand over the other let’s just start exploring the facts and read this one till the end to decide the winner.


Chicken eggs are available in different color while the most common ones which are found in the supermarket includes brown and white. Many people don’t even have any idea about the reason of the difference in eggs color. The answer of this question is that the color of an egg totally depend on the breed of the chicken. For instance a White leghorn chicken will always lay white eggs while the Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Reds will always lay brown eggs. To amaze you let us tell you that in other parts of world some chickens also lay blue and green eggs as well. The environment of the hen, his diet and his stress level somehow also effect the color of the egg which is the reason you may see different shades of brown eggs.


A chicken egg can be of different color but the most common are brown and white. The color of an egg is totally dependent on the breed of the chicken.

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