By 16 July 2018

If you have missed your period and you have just started to attend a gym , performing too much of fitness exercising than don’t worry at all here in this article we have try to cover all such question and myths which people have in their about the relation of periods and excess of fitness exercising . It is seen more than often that whenever girls start to go to gym or try some work out session few question start to arise in her mind and one of the most common is that how too much fitness exercising effect your period? Or is it do not affect them much or what are the consequences a girl should be ready to face when he starts to do some work out session. All such kind of queries and more than that will be answered toady as in this well research piece we have tried to break all the myths and convey only the reality to the world, so let’s get the things rolling.

The amount of your visit to the gym may just have very tiny effect on your periods but YES they are totally related to each other as fitness session do have some effects on your periods not every time but sometimes they do. Periods is a biological process which is totally controlled by our body’s production with some regulation of different hormones and the fitness session tend to have some physical demands which can easily effect your hormones level and as a result you can face some effect in your menstrual cycle in some different ways.

The good news for you that not every time the effects of too much fitness exercising are harmful for you and your body as they are not too much dangerous for your health or fertility. In fact they may have some benefit as well like too much fitness exercising can improve uterine cramping, nausea , vomiting and also the back pain which mostly women faces during their periods. When someone try fitness exercising the blood flow of the body to the uterus tend to increase which simply enhance its production of “feel good” hormones , referred as “endorphins” , which simply reduce all kind of pain a women tend to face during her menstrual cycle and may lit her mood up well.

There are the following effects to your periods due to too much of fitness exercising:

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