By 19 July 2018

It’s been a long debate among every age group people that whenever they hear the word fitness the only question mostly arises in their mind is that, is fitness a hobby?
To be fair it’s more than a valid question if you are a noob and you don’t understand that how vast the word fitness is and how easily this single word indulge so many different things which are so much different from each other, comes in different variety yet a single word can easily be used to describe all of them.

So before finding the answer of this debate let’s just try to understand it in a simpler way or as we say it in our way. First of all one need to understand the meaning of a hobby. What is hobby and what are the things which could lie under the umbrella of a hobby. Suppose if a person drinks too much water in a day than will it be called a hobby? Or a person likes to watch some kind of show on his smartphone for majority of the time than will it also be considered as the hobby? Similarly is fitness a hobby? Don’t you worry at all because once you will finish the reading of this article all such kind of question will not only vanish from your mind but you will have so much of information on this topic that you can easily be able to write a thesis or do a Ted Talk.

Basically a hobby is best defines as the “activity which one regularly perform in his leisure/free time for his own pleasure” as simple as you get it. So according to this simple definition of hobby you may well understand and makes a perception that if you hit the gym hard and do have regular fitness session than obviously for you and for everyone fitness should be a hobby. But things are not as simple as they might often seems. Fitness sessions will only I repeat ‘only’ be considered as the hobby unless or until you are having fun while hitting the gym hard and you are enjoying your time out there in the gym by lifting some heavy sorts of weights , doing different kind of exercises but if you are only going to gym and attending fitness session because you want to reduce weight and don’t even have a second of pleasure while doing all such exercise than it should be clear to you that , NO, fitness is not a hobby for such person. It is a hobby for only those people who do have fun and enjoy doing different kind of exercises in the gym.

If you are still confused and perplexed and looking for some simpler way to understand the things then don’t worry at all. Just read through the following lines and you will be more than content person for sure:

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