By 24 July 2018

In today’s era everyone wants to look good, stylish, fit and attractive. To achieve all these things people tends to adopt different approach and methods. Fitness has become a part of culture in so many societies and the best thing is that the people from all ages are very much motivated to stay fit and lead a healthy life. But if someone thinks that the fitness has just become popular in our new generation then he may be partially correct but not totally correct as in this article we are trying to access that when did fitness become popular in new generation or it has been always popular and the only difference which has occurred now is that people have started to share their exercise experience for the purpose of motivation of others. To understand it and have answers of all your queries just read this piece out and at the end you will surely figure out about it.

There are some of the popular fitness trend which caught the eye of their generation and become popular within quick period of time:


The hoop is considered as the oldest and the most fun tool to ever use for fitness.it was first used mostly by Greeks and Egyptians but as they famous, it becomes a trendy fitness tools and people of all ages started to use it. In starting people did had some trouble in using it but as they got used to it become more fun than a hectic exercise, as it clearly burn large amount of calories and did help people in slimming their waist line. To be precise it almost burnt about 165 calories for a woman and 200 calories for man when used for half an hour.

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