By 24 July 2018


It was an early exercising machine which had a rotor and a belt attached to it and people had to come under the belt and turn on the switch and the with the help of rotor the belt will start vibrating and the area i.e., stomach will get under it and calories will start to burn from the word go.


Since the evolution of different fitness exercise the thing which makes fitness routines more and more famous is the gym culture. Now a days there are almost many a gyms in every town which are full of enthusiasts and fitness geeks. They are hitting the gym hard and making their efforts to not just loose the weight but also to get their body in a perfect shape. This gym culture become the reason of making fitness popular in new generation and new generation is also addicted to the fast food and hectic schedule but they do understand the importance of looking good and having a wonderful and fit body and for that purpose they do hit the gym hard to achieve a perfect looking body and stay fit for every event.


Since the advancement in the technology, we have seen that it has attracted different masses and different inventors to make cool gadgets and due to this the world has observer a vast number of new wearable activity trackers which new peeps wear and get to know about their activity like how much km they have covered, what is there pulse rate while on the trade mill and at what speed they were running. There are also different IOT based device as well which recorded all the data during fitness session and complied a summarize report and send it to your smartphone with the real time adjustment and advices also written into it which help a person to modify the next training session according to those instructions. People are getting too much dependent on the technology and it has become part and parcel of their life. Similarly people tend to choose digital fitness machine which can show them difference parameters of their body and fitness session through which they can access that in which area they need improvement for themselves to achieve a perfect fit body.


Since the increment of use of social media it has also become a vital reason of the large popularity of fitness in new generation. People use to make their short videos of fitness session and post it on different social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, Snapchat and Facebook which reach to maximum people and give them the required motivation to start caring for their own fitness as well. To be fair it won’t be wrong to say that social media and cool gadgets has played a huge impact in increasing the popularity of the fitness in new generation than any other thing and as the time will pass this popularity will only increase as we don’t observer any kind of decrement in popularity of fitness in new generation in quick time.

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