By 1 September 2018

So the thing is your back is having pain, your ankles has started to swell and you are having some serious troubles while sleeping and some other symptoms which is better to not said , its mean you are pregnant.
It is a good news as you have come to such a phase of your life where you will be required to adopt a different life style for some period of time and in this period means during your pregnancy period it is not a wise idea to cancel your gym’s membership as many women’s do because of the fear that gym workout during pregnancy can be harmful for them and for their baby or even it can lead them to a miscarriage. Let this myth get clear at first, it’s not true totally. Yes in some extreme scenarios it can harm your baby or even your body but it’s not the case generally as it only happens when you are not reducing the time, effort on gym workout during pregnancy as the pregnancy is progressing. So right now you must be having tons of questions regarding gym workout during pregnancy that whether you should continue it or not or you should start it or not and other many question but don’t worry you have come to the right place as all your such questions will vanish as you will reach the end of this article.

Keep this thing clear in your mind that once you are pregnant then your aim of gym workout should be maintaining fitness rather than improvement. Try to adapt cardio or legs exercises with reducing the number of steps or if you are not feeling comfortable at one exercise just skip it and move to other. Always remember that during pregnancy even a simple walk of few Kilometers on treadmill is enough to keep you fit and healthy so don’t try to overdo anything.

Here are some of the tips about exercises which you can easily perform during pregnancy without any kind of fear:

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