By 1 September 2018


If you are frightened to use trade mill just because you got pregnant then you are totally wrong. Being pregnant does not make you ineligible to run or walk on a trade mill. Just keep one common thing in mind that as the baby bump will get big you have to do slow down your speed gradually while you may increase the time on trade mill but speed must be slow with the increase in the baby bump. While running on the trade mill if you start having troubles with breathing then you must take a break and then get back to it but don’t worry nothing serious will happen.


The other gym workout during pregnancy is the cycling which helps you to stay fit during pregnancy as well. It lies under the umbrella of low impact exercise but it is too beneficial and one can’t discard its impact on your body. All you need is just a static bike which is well balanced and its seat must be high and you have to adjust yourself on the seat in such a way that when you pedal your legs does not strike with the baby bump and you must feel comfortable while pedaling on the cycle if you are not feeling comfortable then you should abort the exercise immediately.


Light weight lifting is good for your muscles not only when you pregnant but when you are not pregnant. Weight lifting is considered as the best gym workout during pregnancy because of the fact that it helps your blood to circulate more efficiently and also strengthens the muscles of your body which eventually do increase your endurance level which has too much importance. The maximum weight which is suggested by the doctors during pregnancy is 15 pounds and one must even think of trying to lift the weight more than this. You can easily perform 2 3 sets of pumping the weight up and down having 12 repetition in each set.


The other gym workout during pregnancy which does not have any kind of negative impact or say risk is yoga. Its helps you to develop more flexibility within your body with strengthening the muscle. it also lies under the cardiovascular exercise so it is somehow all in one kind of workout which will surely help you to stay fit during you pregnancy and even as the pregnancy progress to later stages you can continue it just keeping it in mind that you should not put more stress on the baby bump, keep the baby bump as much relaxed as you can while doing any exercise and you will see that every exercise will have its impact on your body.

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