By 9 September 2018


Whenever you are at gym and looking for some thrill and different fitness session then always try to indulge with others. Help them in their workout session , guide the newbie’s present in the gym , have a little battle with the experience in terms on number of set during specific time, in this way a healthy environment will be built all around your workout session and you will eventually have to survive with the different fitness challenges altogether.


One should always standardized himself in different aspects of his life. Similarly when you are at gym doing your work out session you must have some specific standards for yourself like you have set that the starting 20 minutes of your work out session will be dedicated to the trade mill and you will try your best to reach 3 Km in that span or some other limit. Try to push your boundaries as it will keep your mind always in search for new fitness challenges and you will have fun at the work out session as well.


Don’t try to be a strict taskmaster. Whenever you achieve a certain standard you have set for yourself than you must try to reward yourself. Yes , you read it right , rewarding yourself may sound a bit odd but according to psychology if a person set some benchmark for himself and have a pledge that he will give xyz reward to himself on achieving that task than your mind try to push you beyond your limits to achieve that feature just for the sake of reward. Eventually if you decide to reward yourself for doing different fitness challenges with short span of time with perfection than you will see that not only you will be extra motivated but you will also have fun in performing those drills too.


A different kind of fitness challenge is to do work out session with teamwork. the basic explanation of this thing is whenever you start your work out session try to have some common friend with you who will buck you up when you need motivation and push you to go for another set of push up or another mile of running and when they need such kind of backing from you then you should be able to do the same with them as working in a team not only helps in performing better as an individual but it also improves your different skill set as well.


The best fitness challenge you can try out this weekend is to have a healthy competition among your gym mates. That competition can includes that whoever will cover the maximum miles in 20 minutes on treadmill will be the winner or anyone who will do maximum push ups in a specific time will get some sort of prizes or anything. This will not only you to perform better but also such kind of healthy competition keeps your mind fresh and thrive yourself to outperform your mates and be the best among them which will as a result only improve your fitness. This fitness challenge can also be performed as tag team means two teams consisting of 2 or 3 persons each can battle with each other on number of pushups, miles covered, legs exercises etc. etc. these things will only help you to achieve fitness and stay motivated all along the workout sessions.

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