By 31 October 2018


Basically in simple means the speed and agility training means such drills which are designed to strengthen your leg and core muscles along with the tendons of your body. The essential thing for speed and agility training is to train at that same level of intensity which you require in the game so that you could improve your performance and minimize the risk of any injury to your body. The common drills for speed and agility training includes the cones drills which simply build leg strength but it is about the intensity and the number of repetition you perform which prove to be the deciding factor when it comes to managing the workload. Speed and agility training can be the combination of such exercise which not only boost the explosive velocity and agility but also help to improve coordination and cardiovascular endurance level. The great impact of the speed and agility training is that it decrease the reaction time and also strengthen the stability in the ankles, knees and hip joints which eventually leads you to avoid common injuries which are part and parcel of any sport.

There are many speed and agility training which you do but some of the best and easy ones with the great outcomes in short span of time are as follows:


This is basically a reaction drill which will help you to decrease your reaction time. In this speed and agility training you will need to have a partner or a trainer with you. The aim of this training is to react with speed in quicktime and sprint to the right cone. You will be needed to think and then sprint in this way you will practice and improve your defensive approach of any sports.


It is among the famous drill for speed and agility training as it is used to measure the speed and agility of a person and to improve it too. This training basically demands changes of direction for multiple times in a very small space.


It will not be wrong to state that in various sports the ability of transitioning in and out with a lateral shuffle is quite essential. This drill is all about being in and out of a cone with a certain position with as much speed as you can as it strengthen your legs and importance reaction time. You only have sprint and then change your position then sprint and then again shuffle your position along with the cones.


Basically cone alley has many variations depending on the person choice that which suits him the most or which fulfill his demands the most. The basic version of cone alley requires six cones arrange in such a manner that three are in line with gap of 100 meters and the other three are places in front of them but the first starting between the gap of the other three cones. So one person has to cover the distance with sprint as soon as he can by moving across the all cones and some sort of making a zig zag map. The other versions of cone alley have different arrangement like four cones in a line and two in a line or five in a line as it totally depends on the person’s choice.

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