10 Home remedies to eliminate lip blisters

By 11 August 2019

How to cure cold sores quickly

Prescribed ointments

The creams that medical professionals usually prescribe are the following:

Penciclovir: is an antiviral ointment that has the ability to end the canker sore for 24 to 48 hours, especially if it has been caused by excessive exposure to the sun. It should be noted that the use of this cream can give the patient a headache.

Acyclovir: this should be used as soon as the frog appears so that its effect is as desired. It should be taken into account that its use can create discomfort or burning in the affected area as well as headache.

Ointments without a prescription

In order to buy some remedies to treat the bulbs, you won’t need a doctor’s flyer. The most common are:

Nemcyl alcohol: This liquid will reduce the pain caused by the blister, while reducing the healing time of the blister. It is good to apply this alcohol as soon as the problem appears.

Doconasil 10%: this product also benefits rapid healing and reduces the evils caused by herpes.

Dimethicone with sunscreen: its use can moisten the lips, take care of the sun’s rays and reduce the weight caused by canker sores.

On the other hand, you can also apply a kind of transparent strips or adhesives that help dry and remove the blister.

10 Home remedies to eliminate lip blisters

A fever in the lips is not a thing that can be hidden since everyone sees it. Therefore, to cure herpes, some treatments are presented below.


A sachet of this infusion can be a great solution to cure cold sores. Place it over the area where you have the rash to calm the discomfort.

You will have to boil the water and introduce the tea as if you were going to make an infusion. Once the water is warm, to avoid burning, take a little water to the black tea bag and place it on the wound.


Garlic, despite having an unpleasant smell for some people, is very helpful in ending canker sores.

Grab a tooth, cut it in two and rub it on the blister for 60 seconds. After the minute, you can repeat the procedure with another tooth.


Lemon, thanks to its various properties , is a citrus widely used to improve indoor and outdoor health. In this case, it also serves to cure cold sores because it is an antiseptic and disinfectant product.

You should break a lemon in half and squeeze the juice. Then, with a dropper or a cotonete, place a few drops on the bottle several times in the day.


Honey is a food that, in addition to sweetening your desserts and infusions, can be used to make lip blisters disappear thanks to its antiseptic qualities.

Mix honey with vinegar in a bowl and get yourself a spoonful of tea. Fill it and apply the ointment on the blister. Follow this procedure up to 4 times per day.

To be sure that you are using a real honey, it is important that you know how to differentiate it from the fake one.


Also known as aloe vera, aloe vera along with a tomato can be very effective in curing a cold sore.

In a bowl, put the glass of a sheet of sabilda with the bits of a tomato. Place the container in the refrigerator and, once it is cold, put the mixture on the damaged area to dry the toad.

  • ICE

Ice is a home remedy that can be used even before the blister comes out completely. At the slightest symptom of swelling, ice passes through the area where the rash will potentially come out. Thanks to its inflammatory properties, cold is good for curing cold sores.

It is advisable to place the cubes inside a bag and cover it with a napkin to use and throw away to avoid that the cold burns the skin.

  • MILK

Milk can significantly accelerate the process of lip recovery. This is due to arginine, a substance present in it which contains amino acids.


Chamomile is very effective in treating the sores on the lips and their expansion because it has anti-inflammatory properties due to bisabol.

  • SALT

Salt is one of the best known home remedies to cure cold sores worldwide. You should put a tablespoon of salt on the affected area. Although it burns a lot, it is a very effective solution that you can repeat up to 3 times per day.

If you can’t stand the sting, pour the salt into a spoonful and hold it, with the help of another cutlery, until it breaks down completely. Then pass a cotton ball through the salt and place it on the blister.


Lactic acids, vitamin B and niacin make yogurt a safe option to cure cold sores. Of course, the dairy you use has to be 100% natural and be as cold as possible before applying it to the fever.

You can here learn how to make a natural Greek yogurt in your home by hand.

Symptoms of lip rash

The face and, specifically the lips, are the most striking areas of a person. Having a toad in the mouth can wreak havoc on a person when it comes to interacting with others. Therefore, it is good to know what are the symptoms that warn of the appearance of herpes on the face.

Usually, herpes begins as a fever. The person who suffers from it feels a certain warmth somewhere on their lips, a stinging, tingling or annoying itching that is gradually increasing.

There are also cases in which the individual suffers from throat discomfort to the point that it is difficult to swallow, inflammation of the local lymph nodes or fever. By this last sign, there are people who call the bulbs “stomach fever.”

Likewise, an indication that a blister is about to come out is feeling a considerable numbness somewhere in the mouth or having dry lips.


Among the factors that trigger the fever in the lips include:

  1. Stress
  2. Take a lousy feed
  3. To have a fever
  4. Excess exposure to the sun
  5. Having menstruation or hormonal changes
  6. Abrupt weather variations
  7. Suffer some infection


Before performing any treatment it is important that you consult your doctor to find out which is the most suitable solution for your case. Remember that the advice presented in this article does not replace a medical consultation.

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